First Time Grower?

We have you covered!

Trudeau Tent

starter kit

has everything you need

Our newest All-In-One Package is ready set go. It comes with everything you need to start a compact 4 plant system. It includes a tent (growing room) shelving system, flood and drawing bell siphon growing platform, charcoal filter, lights and more. 

Now there’s no reason not to grow. We make everything so simple and easy to run, all you have to do is provide water and nutrients and change the light cycles. The plants will do the rest. 



Included in the Trudeau Special:

  • 2X4 ft Tent with shelving poles

  • 5 - 3ft QGLED lights with mounting hardware

  • 4" Fan and charcoal filter

  • 2X4 Tray with bell siphon attachments

  • 60L Reservoir and lid

  • 6" Clamp fan

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