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Cloning Tips

A lot of people have trouble with cloning. Cloning allows you to take an exact clone of your plant. Doing this allows you to only take the time to let it grow roots and you will not need to start from seed every time. Here is a basic guide to cloning your plants.

cannabis clone dome led lights
Calgary Cloning Cannabis supplies

What do you need?

Tray And A Dome

LED Light

Growing Medium

Step by Step Guide to Cloning Cannabis Plants

Below is the easy and step by step guide to making your clones:

Initial preparations

  • The first and most important thing you need to do is to choose the mother plant. Remember that all the future product depends on it, so choose a healthy, productive and disease free mother plant.

  • You should cut 50% more clones than the number of plants you need. Not all the clones are going to become healthy plants. Many of them may die from shock.

  • You can cut the clones at any time during the plant’s cycle but supposedly the best time is before the plant starts flowering.

  • Your hands must be washed with a good antibacterial soap; all your tools and growing area/medium must be clean too.

  • For immediate planting, a pH balanced medium should be prepared.

  • Keep all the clones nearby you within immediate reach at the time of their planting; exposed clones will wilt quickly.

How to take a cutting from a marijuana plant

  • Select the appropriate clones: actively growing plant tops, having two to three nodes/branches only with fan leaves (mature plants have alternating leaves, rather than facing ones). See photo below.

  • Cut a lower node or two at the stem.

  • On your plant look for a spot where there is branches growing out and a new top, and cut a little bit below that. Cut the branch away at a 45 degree angle. You want probably around 5-8 inches to cut for your new clone.

CLONING TIPS Cannabis clone
Cannabis Clone Tips

Growing weed clones into mature plants

  • The next step is dome and lighting. You have to spray inside the humidity dome or propagator with No Damp solution. Do not spray the clone direct as it may result in powdery mildew.

  • Place the covered clone tray with humidity dome at a spot where an appropriate amount of white fluorescent light is available. This light can be natural sunlight or T9 grow light, or even an HID light if you’re careful.

  • The humidity dome should be removed from the clone tray on the 5th day. But remember also to lift the lid daily for air exchange.

  • Water every other day. Then once a day when the dome has been removed.

  • Now you have to check if the plant is rooted yet or not. For checking, you can tug the plant lightly toward upward side. If the plant is rooted, it will not come out of the cube. If it is not, it will come out of the cube easily. Please note that you are not supposed to do this until the 5th day. Rooting can take 5-10 days.

  • If you see some leaves turning to yellow at this early stage, it is actually a good sign so don’t worry. It happens because during the process of rooting, the plant consumes all the nutrients from its fan leaves. Add a little weak nutrient at this stage.

  • Till the time plant is in the process of rooting, you have to spray it with water. Once you have seen signs of plants being rooted, water them properly.

  • You should also drain the rooting solution out from the cube as it is of no use now.

  • Now, at this critical stage, you are supposed to check whether the plant is wilting. You can check it by opening the grow tent a little bit. If you find no wilting for 4 to 6 hours it means you are ready to move ahead.

  • Now you can put these clones under HID or LED lights or you can plant them outdoors in soil.

  • Make sure that they get 15 to 18 hours of lighting. They need this much light to get to the vegetation phase.

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