Quick Grow LED Light Strips

Revolutionary LED lights. More micromoles per watt than HPS and double ended bulbs, air cooled design. Easy to mount. These LED's will change the way you grow. 


Our Build-As-You-Grow design allows you to build and add lights to your pace. Why go out and have to spend money on a large system that you might not need yet but want the better deal. With our lights you can buy one or buy ten at a time. They each come with a jumper cable attatchment that allows you to buy as you want or need and add the lights as you grow.

Aircool Design

Our specially designed housing acts as its own heat sink. Without the need of fans you save on power as well as having more versatility on movement. You can hang them vertically, horizontally right up against your walls or ceiling. They also won't collect dust, or allow water or humidity in, which could save on fires or lights burning out.

The Right Light

The main thing when it comes to ligths are the right spectrum. Our lights are specifically desinged with 24 years+ in the business the right light to grow. We use a Full Spectrum lighting in our LED's. Plants are complex organisms, as such they need more than one kind of light. They need an array of many different spectrums to be able to achieve full optimized growth and flowering.

The Proof Is In The Results

We have done extensive tests and altered our design and LED's to achieve absolute perfection. Not only have we done our own tests. We have customer testimonials and pictures that have shown time again our lights actually achieve what we have said they will accomplish. We have maintained staying in business for our high standards of equipment to grow.

Buildable Panels

With the Build-As-You-Grow system you are also able to attach all your lights to our amazing new sliding panels. They allow you to move and slide the lights to what suits your needs best. Don't get stuck with pre-built panels that are clunky and barely move. Spread your lights out or concentrate all the light in one area. The choice is yours.

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