"The Original" Quick Grow has been growing with you for 27 years

Quick Grow is a Calgary based Hydroponics Equipment Supplier and Garden center. Quick Grow has been in business for over 27 years. We have great customer service, great prices and always the best advice.

Here at Quick Grow, we aim to meet all your hydroponic, aeroponic, soilless, and indoor gardening needs. Our incredible staff consists of master growers with years of experience, who can help you with every step along the way.

Please visit us at Quick Grow physical store down at Edmonton Trail to serve all of your growing needs.

Light is without a doubt the most important part of cannabis cultivation. It is the energy source that your plants require to produce the food they need to grow and flourish. This is why we used our experience to develop revolutionary LED grow lights. These amazing grow lights are available to order online or in Calgary at our Quick Grow locations. Check out our QGLED clients growth progress via our QGLED Instagram account below.

Home of the QG LED grow lights

First Time Grower?

We have you covered!

Trudeau Tent

starter kit

has everything you need

The perfect package for setting up your first 4 plant grow system. We have combined everything you need to get started into one special " Trudeau Tent" package

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