Cloning 101

A lot of people have trouble with cloning. Cloning allows you to take an exact clone of your plant. Doing this allows you to only take the time to let it grow roots and you will not need to start from seed everytime. Here is a basic guide to cloning your plants.

Things You Will Need:

Tray And A Dome


Growing Medium

On your plant look for a spot where there is branches growing out and a new top, and cut a little bit below that. Cut the branch away at a 45 degree angle. You want probably around 5-8 inches to cut for your new clone.

Now choose what growing medium you are going to use. There is Jiffy pellets, Rockwool, Rapid Rotter cubes, or loose soilless mix. Pre-soak which growing medium you prefer. Aslo choose which rooting hormone you prefer powder or a gel. Give a light coating of either on the stem of your cut and insert into the medium.

On top of your dome you will want to put a propagation light we recommend the T5HO Sunblaster 6400k light or even better the 18" Clone LED from Quick Grow.

Arrange your "planted" cuttings in your tray and your dome. The dome will provide humidity and keep heat in. Under the tray is preferable to put a heating mat. This will increase your chances of rooting. Make sure there is no water in the bottom of the tray. 

Do Not Spray your cuttings. We are trying to get the clones to want to look for water, in order to do that they must grow roots to find it. If the humidity in the dome is too high they will have sufficient moisture to be able to survive without growing roots. After 5-7 days you will need to water the cuttings. You can remove each one and dunk them in water or you can water in tray but remember to drain off and excess water.

Within 14 days you should have signs of new roots that signify you can transplant to a new container.

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